PVC is the most robust and dense of the three materials. It is made up of foamed polyvinyl chloride. This substance is also known as Sintra sheet, Foamex, Vinyl, and PVC foam.  

PVC may be used for long-term indoor or mid-term outdoor applications due to its relatively rigid construction.  

PVC board signs are produced by mixing PVC cutting and printing. PVC, as a hard fibre, allows for CNC milling as well as optical cutting machine options. The cutting choice is determined by the customer's preferences; nonetheless, the result would be the same. PVC is a commonly used stock, which is why you will see its "variations" all over the place. They are ideal for yard signs, exit signs, and off-road signs.  


Gatorboard is a Lower-Cost Alternative to PVC.  

This is a polystyrene board with poly-coated paper and styrene surfaces wrapped in polystyrene. This material is thinner than PVC but firmer than foam sheets. One of its advantages is that it is lightweight and can be conveniently attached to a variety of surfaces without the use of any hardware.  

Though gator boards poster printing can be used outside, ultraviolet radiation from sun rays can be harmful, so extra precautions should be taken to shield them from direct sunlight. Prevent the use of black gator board outside in particular.  

A gator board sign may be used as a storefront sign, a wall sign in the shape of letters or boards, a wall picture backdrop, and so on.