A common seal is best known for its purpose of authorizing and authenticating any documents that are to be released or issued by a company or organization. It is no longer a mandatory requirement as opposed to what it used to be in the past, but it remains a tool that is often used especially by large companies because it is important to appear proper and professional. A common seal can really help you to give off that impression. Along with the signature of the company's director, a common seal's mark can really strengthen the authority.

Here are several more benefits of using a common seal in the company.

1. Right Impression

As slightly mentioned before, the use of a common seal on a document can really make you look more professional in handling even the slightest matter. A document with the mark of a common seal will appear more elegant and proper. Not only that, the common seal's imprint can create a stronger impression that lasts longer than the document without it upon the reader of the document. With a document that has the mark of a common seal, you have a greater chance to build a stronger business relationship since you can give off the impression that you are a proper and trustworthy business to affiliate with. This can truly benefit you in the long term as you grow and expand your business.

2. Signature Substitution

In several cases in a company, the company director is not present. Perhaps on days like so, a document needs to be immediately authorized. As the absence of the company director makes it impossible for a document to get signed, the signature can be replaced by the mark of the common seal upon the authorization of the company director themself. They can appoint a trustworthy company officer to handle the common seal use, such as the company secretary.

3. Avoid Mistake

Using a common seal as the final step before approving it for the release can help you to remember to make sure that you have checked the entirety of the document for any mistakes or errors. With this, you can avoid unwanted things in the document and make sure that everything is free from mistakes, such as grammar, spelling, or anything mentioned in the document that does not go along with the initial agreement.

4. International Business

Some countries around the world still regard a common seal as very important and mandatory for doing business. Shall you have the chance to work with one of these companies, you have to be able to provide your company’s seal so that the documents between the two companies can be approved and regarded as valid in both countries’ courts. It is always good to come prepared because you will never know when it is needed. Specifically for international business purposes, you can create a separate seal while leaving the other one for use in your home country. There is no difference between the two seals, whether they are used in their original country or a different one.