#2 Keep The Brand Talking 

A flash in the pan is not enough to build a brand and keep it up to date. Regularity and consistency, meticulousness, and perseverance are necessary to increase the brand's visibility and keep it high.  

You should also stay in contact with good friends and exchange ideas regularly. The same goes for good brands. They continuously give signals, initiate discussions, and approach their target groups openly.  

They ensure that there are positive contacts with customers and interested parties and encourage them to interact with their offers and information, i.e., to like, share, comment, rate, and of course to buy. 

#3 Synergies Are Good 

All online and offline channels are suitable for increasing the visibility and popularity of the brand, from the brand's website and social media presence to blogs, newsletters and flyer printing to customer magazines, print mailings, and publications in print media or on radio and TV. It is essential to make good use of synergies. 

#4 Flexibility Makes It Even Better 

It is good to use the existing channels continuously. It is better to keep an eye on whether there are new communication platforms that are suitable for your brand communication.  

If, for example, the target group switches from Facebook to Whatsapp, then the brand should do that too. The offer on the web is changing rapidly.  

Brands have to be flexible and open to new channels and technologies. If you analyze and evaluate the channels, you may be able to do without some and instead place more emphasis on others.