The business card is an integral part of a company's corporate design package. It is a real opportunity to score points with potential customers with its excellent design!  

The business card is an integral part of a company's corporate design package. Even in the digital age, it is still one of the most important communication tools. Especially during personal meetings that should not be underestimated, at trade fairs, events or conferences, and a firm handshake. It continuously transmits the most important contact information and first insight into the corporate visual identity. 

Your Business Cards is The First Impression 

This first impression has to be right and reflect the company and yourself in a professional and brand-fair manner. Originality, personality, and authenticity are essential for a business card design that should be remembered. 

Like every other medium of classic analog communication, business cards have undergone development. Their design spectrum has become more sophisticated. Their format has long outgrown the standard 85 x 54 mm. This design option is great and offers plenty of space to present yourself concisely and uniquely. 

#1 Never Forget Contact Details 

Sure, business cards convey not only the brand personality but also the contact details. There are innumerable ways of making contact.  

Try to find a compromise here so that the card design is not blown up with so much information, but the most necessary data is still transported.  

In addition, be flexible and cover different communication channels through which you can be reached. Think about your target group and their communicative preferences.  

Structure the content clearly and concisely. Only when the content is defined, do you start with the actual design. Don't forget your company logo design.