#2 Set Highlights With Color 

Colors are one of the most influential design tools for evoking specific emotions and associations in the viewer. Each color is charged with certain attributes that correspond to the brand values ​​and, of course, should match the existing logo.  

Colors catch the eye, form highlights and contrasts. In combination with the design, it creates an atmosphere that you should mainly take advantage of in marketing communication. 

#3 Take a Look at the Current Design Trends 

Whether vintage, minimalism, color blocking, or cut-outs. Jumping on design trends is always an attractive opportunity to impress. However, it would be best to work out precisely with your designer whether the chosen trend suits your brand.  

Remain authentic and genuine to your brand values. Otherwise, the measure will quickly backfire. 

The trend in business card design to populate one side of the card with images that change from copy to copy is currently one of the hottest. The images should all speak the same design language, not to lose uniformity here but still enjoy the effect of surprise and variety. 

Designed by Cheeky Creative 

#4 Typography Makes the difference 

Especially when a lot of information is placed in a limited space, different fonts help create structure and organization. The choice of font affects the impact and legibility of your professional business card printing.  

Position the writing elements nicely so that the message can be easily consumed. Small icons are also ideal for making the map clean and appealing. In terms of design, they bridge the gap between analog and digital media.