If you want a great wedding invitation card, then you have to make sure that you design and print it in high quality. 

These days, more people design their own wedding invitation card because not only that it is fun to be more involved in the preparation of your big day, but it can also help you save up a little bit of extra cash. 

With a great wedding invitation card design that is suitable for high quality printing, you will be able to get an outstanding quality invitation despite not being a professional. Here are some tips for a great looking wedding invitation card: 

1. First, Theme 

What is the theme of your wedding? It is a lot easier to start designing by knowing clearly what kind of theme or look that you are going for with it. That way, you can already map out the needs and suitable elements for your wedding invitation card. Make sure that the colors, text styles, decorations, and other design elements of your wedding invitation card complement each other to create a pleasant look. 

2. Font of the Text 

Of course, the important information that needs to be present on the design of your wedding card should be legible for everyone so that everything can be conveyed properly without mistake. 

People usually go for an elegant and lavish look for a wedding invitation card. Usually, this is done by choosing fonts that are heavily stylized. While it is okay to choose this kind of font for wedding invitation card design, you should keep in mind not to overdo it. Only use this kind of font for an important part in your wedding invitation card that needs more emphasis, such as the name of the groom and bride. For the rest of the content on the wedding card, choose a supporting font that is easier to read. 

3. Invitation Size and Shape 

Knowing the shape and size plan for the wedding invitation that you are designing is crucial. It is best that you make sure that the printing service of your choice can make the size that you want, so first confirm it with them and start designing your wedding invitation card after so that you can design inaccurate measurements for a high quality wedding invitation card result. 

Many people try to be more creative with the size of their wedding invitation card nowadays, and of course, there is no real limitation regarding the shape of the wedding invitation card that you print. However, consider its convenience for mailing if you have to send out your wedding invitation cards that way. If it is too big, there's a chance that you have to spend more money on postal and surely you don't want excess expenditure, so always keep this in mind. 

4. Don't Leave Out the Envelope 

A wedding invitation card is not really complete without an envelope. The envelope of a wedding invitation card must have a suitable design with the card to create a complete look.