4 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Postcard: Part 1


A postcard is a convenient thing that you can use to share a message with friends or family. Right now, you can’t just buy a postcard from the store but also make it on your own. You can create a special postcard to send to someone. It allows you to be creative and authentic. Not only it’s easy to make, but making a postcard is also fun. If you want to make a postcard, here are some things you should avoid, so your postcard doesn’t look odd.


1. Too many icons

Having too many icons in a postcard can be a bad thing. If you have a lot of decoration, there’s no space for the message. The point of a postcard is to deliver your story, but if something like this happens, how can you write properly in minimal space. So make sure the message spot is enough. If you want to put more decoration on your postcard, you can use the front side, it has enough space to be more innovative.


2. Thin paper

A postcard should use 016” thick paper. If you use thin paper, it’s too risky, because postcards will be delivered across the town or even the country. When you send a postcard to someone, there are some unseen steps before it arrives. During the delivery, something might happen that can inflict damage to your postcard. So the paper must be sturdy and of good quality. Check out the high-quality paper store in Singaporefor your postcard.