4 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Postcard: Part 2


3. Missing elements

The most important elements on a postcard are the address box, stamp box, and message area. If you missed one of them, it will make the delivery difficult. So, when you make your own postcard, don’t forget to put these essential elements. If you don’t put those on your postcard, it can potentially lose while delivering to other people. Certainly, you don’t want your postcard to lose or deliver to the wrong address.


4. Unreadable writing

Handwriting is different and authentic for every people. When you write on a postcard especially on the address area, make sure your handwriting is readable, so everyone can read it clearly. People usually write a postcard to say hello or inform someone about something that happens. Your story is written in your own handwriting, so make sure it legible and your friend or family can understand it.


A postcard may seem outdated, but for you who want to get some fun communicating with others, this can be a pleasant way. A postcard can be a nice alternative to greet and say hi to your friend or family. With a postcard, you can show how your feelings. There are two sides of a postcard, first the front which usually contains pictures, and the back where you write your message. The picture on the front side can represent where you are or how is your feeling. When you have finished creating your postcard, immediately print your postcards at the best printing service in Singapore.