Talking about traditional rubber stamps, they are old school and feel like ancient of days when mentioned. Interestingly, when stamps are mentioned, it is the first to come to mind. I mean, the journey of stamping started with the traditional rubber stamp. There have been several upgraded versions of stamps, even for different purposes. 

The question is, why will any business want to be using an old path in this technologically advanced age and time? This piece seeks to provide four different reasons why some businesses still use traditional rubber stamps. You are probably wondering if there is any business doing this. Yes, there are businesses still using the traditional rubber stamps, and here are the reasons;

The answers to the question are not far-fetched, and they can be seen easily without much ado. First, the traditional rubber stamp is the cheapest of all the different upgraded stamp options businesses can use in this time and season. You know that business is very much interested in cutting cost as long as they can achieve the same goal while spending a lesser amount of money. So, if they can get a traditional rubber stamp lesser and still do the job, there is no problem. 

Another reason businesses still use the traditional rubber stamp is because they can use it with different colors without having different stamp boxes like the other types of stamps. All you need is extra ink pads. This is still cheaper compared to getting different stamp boxes on other types of stamps. Imagine if the business needs three colors of the same impression from time to time, they will need three colors of such stamp impressions, but with the traditional rubber stamp, it's just one rubber stamp with three ink pads. 

Furthermore, traditional rubber stamps are excellent for image impressions much more than any other stamp type. This is another great reason businesses are still using it. This, of course, will make it easier for the business to impress image-like designs on surfaces they want to impress on. This is a more cost-effective way to do it than having to either do a sticker for that image and paste or do proper printing on the surface. 

Whether you agree or not, people know how to use the traditional rubber stamps more than the other ones. Without any serious training, anyone can handle and maintain the traditional rubber stamp. Anyone can learn the use and maintenance of traditional rubber stamp from a distance. This can be done without any stress. I mean, what is difficult with putting the stamp on the ink pad with a little pressure and carefully placing it on the surface to make the impression. Anyone can do that successfully. 

I consider these four reasons as the answer to why businesses still use traditional rubber stamps. What do you think? If you have other reasons or disagree with these four reasons, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.