2. Inclusivity Will Be Key 

Inclusivity also became a bigger focus in 2020, the recent events that involved separation of society in groups created discomfort for most of the people, brands are creating campaigns to stop it once and for all in order to be in a better place for all of us!

So putting inclusivity in your marketing content is not only to make a profit, but also you’re helping the world to be one again! 

A study by Accenture shows that the cultural shift towards inclusivity is also impacting purchase behavior, with 41% of shoppers shifting away from retailers which don’t reflect their views on identity and diversity - and 29% are willing to switch brands completely if they don’t show enough diversity. 

Marketing that is truly inclusive considers all facets and layers of a person’s identity such as skin tone, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, body type, ethnicity, culture, language, religion/spirituality, physical/mental ability, socio-economic status and mindset.

It should also account for intersectionality, which means recognising that a single person may represent many identities or dimensions and acknowledging the nuances inherent in every individual’s personality and preferences, so you have a huge space to try using this marketing strategy!