4 Steps to Make a Logo Design in Singapore for Novices


If you are about to start a business, then you need to start making plans regarding how you want your logo to look. Even though it does not look important,  a logo is actually an essential component of branding and has a significant effect on how customers see the business.

A logo can be easily made, but it does not always work. So, you need to truly put your thought into the process.

If you want to design a logo that makes a good impression on your potential clients, follow these steps and tips for beginners.


1. Understand the importance of logo

If you want your company to stand out and your products to be purchased, you can't focus solely on discounts and product quality.

Keep in mind that branding is crucial, and creating a logo is a part of that.

Creating a logo gives the company a character and draws new buyers. They can form an impression of a company simply by seeing a logo for the first time, and a well-crafted logo can influence their purchasing choice. Since a logo is an undeniably essential part of the brand that you are growing, you should give it a lot of thought, brainstorm thoroughly, and make sure it looks as professional as possible.


2. Communicate the brand's style

A logo should be able to accurately communicate the brand's style.

Before you start creating the actual design, think about what kind of identity you want to create and what kind of personality you want your clients to associate with you. It's a lot simpler to create a logo that better reflects the brand's purpose and vision if you follow the brand guidelines and directions.


3. Conduct research

It can be difficult to come up with ideas for the logo, and that is normal. That is why you would need references and extensive analysis to find one that is appropriate for the identity you want to express by the logo, and how you can make it with the design.

This process is called brainstorming.


As you do brainstorming, you have to gather visual samples first so you know what kind of look you want for your concept and find new ideas.

Write down any kind of idea that comes to your mind, even though it might be not good enough.

Later on, during the process, you can eliminate them as you try to find one that is best.

It is a good tip to think from your audience's point of view as you try to come up with a logo design in Singapore

In order to do this, you can also ask people who are similar to your customer persona and get some more ideas.


4. Designing

You will begin creating your logo until you have a clear concept and picture in your mind.

You can start by making a few different versions and then seek more feedback, polish it, and repeat the step until you are satisfied. Finally, you will be able to select a single logo that meets all of the branding requirements.