4 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing and Printing Name Cards


A name card is essential for the sharing of contact details, in particular. Even in this technological age where nearly everyone relies on devices for almost everything, a name card is still considered relevant, and even major corporations use them.

It is critical to design a successful name card that will function correctly and efficiently.


Here are things that you need to pay attention to in the design of a name card before printing.


1. Information

Consider what detail you would like to see on the name card before you do anything else. Keep in mind that too much detail will clutter up the name card's design. Discard the information that is not as relevant as the others, and just use the information that will genuinely benefit the receiver.


Name, job title or location in the organization, phone number, e-mail address, and company website or social media handle are often included on a name card. The office phone number and address may be omitted because they might already be available on the website or social media.


2. Design

Try to come up with a style that suits all of the details that need to be on the name card. A name card should ideally be neither too cramped nor too empty. The content should be clustered in the centre of the page so it will be easier on the eyes and will look smoother than a style with a dispersed layout.


When designing a name card layout for printing in Singapore, it is best to leave some empty space around the elements so that people can jot down some additional detail. More importantly, leaving this empty space in your layout design will make it seem less cramped and more attractive.


3. Card Stock and Size

There are several different kinds of card stock to pick from, as well as different sizes. Before you begin creating your name card, you must first determine the size of the name card you want to create based on the available card stock. You will be able to plan more precisely this way. Not only does card stock come in a variety of sizes, but it also comes in a variety of weights.


It gets thicker as it gets heavier. Thicker card stocks have a more sleek and premium appearance. You should certainly choose the type of card stock that best fits your needs based on the picture or impression you want to convey to the recipient of your card.


4. Use Professional Printing

People make mistakes as they want to print on their own to save money. However, their home or office printers are not really up to the task of handling a huge volume of printing or the type of card stock they prefer. As a result, they manufacture low-quality, unflattering name cards.


The belief that DIY printing saves money is incorrect, as printing with a reliable printing shop saves money by providing higher-quality results.


After knowing these facts, try designing your name card today and get them printed right away.