Ways a Name Card Can Get You an Edge in Business


The use of the internet and social media have become the norm these days to exchange contact information. However, in the professional world, giving out your personal contact information with a business card or name card is still needed. That is why name card printing in Singapore is still popularly requested by many professionals.


If you do not know yet what kind of advantages that you can get from having name cards, then you should definitely read this article to know all about it.


1. Build Brand Awareness

As a professional, surely you represent a brand or company. Using a name card to give out your contact information means that you are representing that organization or brand. Aside from letting people know how to contact you, you are also building brand awareness or stating your brand identity. That is why it is important to make sure that the design of your name card has the core or key characteristics of your company or brand, such as the colour, logo, font, and so on. As more people see your name card, more people begin to know your brand or company. That way, you can promote it subtly and effortlessly.


2. Establish Professionalism

Imagine asking a potential business partner or client to just follow you on social media instead of using a name card to give them your contact information. Surely the latter sounds more professional, right? Hence, you cannot go wrong with using business cards. It might seem outdated compared to using social media, however, as a professional it is still an essential tool.


3. Quicker and More Useful in Certain Situations

We do not always have the access to the internet. In certain situations, you cannot rely on your gadget too because you might run out of battery. Or, you also cannot dismiss the possibility that the other person is not carrying their gadget, which makes the digital way impossible at the time. Even though technology has taken over a lot of things these days, some people are still not tech-savvy.

That is why business cards are still more reliable than sharing your contact information digitally. Moreover, being always ready to hand out your name card shows that you are always prepared. On many occasions, this makes a good first impression upon the receiver of the card.


4. Important for International Business

Since there are more opportunities to work with overseas parties now more than ever, you need to know that there are still many countries out there that regard business cards as very important tools in the business. Mostly, in Asian countries, this fact applies. For example, you must, at all costs, have business cards. Apparently, you cannot even think about starting a business conversation without the exchange of a business card. In Japan, this important card marks the start of a mutual agreement or business relationship.

This also applies in India. In this country, you need business cards not only for formal occasions but also in more casual meetings.

Another example can be taken in Bahrain. You need to give out name cards for business, and you need to make sure that the etiquettes when giving it is proper. For instance, you must give it with the right hand.


With that being said, it is very important to have a good name card if you want to establish a good relationship in business.