An Intuitive Online Tool for Creating a Unique Background

For several years now, many tools for easily removing a background have been popping up on the market. You can for example Background Eraser, Unscreen or Trace. Conversely, tools for easily creating original backgrounds are rarer. Yet the backgrounds are practical to stand out from the competition! 

Unique Backgrounds to Create for Free 

Last April, Background Generator has appeared on Product Hunt. This completely free tool makes it easy to create backgrounds. An original initiative that reminds us of Naker.Back, a background editor for creating dynamic and interactive backgrounds. 

Background Generator allows you to create static backgrounds and thus update a cover image on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or create unique backgrounds for YouTube videos. The uses are numerous. 

The handling of the tool is very simple. You can change the size of the background and choose the desired format: Facebook post, Instagram post, Instagram Story ... 

6 layouts are then proposed: aligned points, points forming a circle, a triangle ... Once the layout has been selected, it is possible to shift all the objects in the background. It is also possible to choose a different shape such as a triangle or a rectangle or to import objects like emojis, illustrations ... 

Then, all you have to do is to vary the different sliders allowing you to modify the size of the object, the distance between each object or the margins. Checkable options are available such as random positioning of the object, applying a blur ... 

The colour of the background and objects can also be easily changed. 

Backgrounds Ready to Edit 

 If inspiration is lacking, just click on the Explore button. The latter allows you to discover backgrounds created with the tool and quite impressive! It is possible to modify these by making some changes. The background can then be downloaded in different formats as for example PNG, SVG, or JPEG format. 

You can also use this free background tool to create your own personalised logo design and much more!

Background Generator is really an intuitive and practical tool that allows you to personalize a lot of content in a unique way!