Nowadays, it is getting easier and easier to record videos with a smartphone or with a tablet. But mobile devices can do so much more. 

Before you upload shaky, poorly lit, and cropped videos to YouTube, check out the following tools.  

With them, video editing on Android or iOS smartphones becomes child's play! 

FilmoraGo: A Solid Base To Get You Started 

You can easily accentuate impressions from vacation and other short videos with the help of FilmoraGo, including suitable music, and cut them dynamically. 

The application contains the essential video editing tools one needs today. When you have finished creating a video, you can share your result directly on social networks. 

With its all-in-one video editor, FilmoraGo is also suitable for anyone who wants to achieve a quick and attractive result. You can download the application for free from the Google Play Store. 

Applications For iOS 

The best-known application for cutting videos on the iPhone is iMovie from Apple. With this application, you can record a video and then edit it directly. 

Existing video material can also be edited without any problems. You can also convert your video content into a trailer, add many different effects to videos, add new audio, or use simple graphic titles. 

You're probably wondering where the rake is now? Do not worry. The Apple application is free of charge. You can easily download it from the iTunes Store. The only downside to iMovie is its ample size - the application is around 700MB in size. 

But if you are looking for a comprehensive solution for video editing and editing, you will hardly find a better free app.