Are you thinking of going into graphic design service as a business? That's a great business idea, and it's a good step in the right direction. There are few levels to do this business, but if you consider whether to do it on a freelance basis or set up a large design studio, this piece is for you. This piece shall provide you with information on both so that you can decide for yourself at the end of the piece. 

Freelance Graphic Designer 

A freelance graphic designer is an individual with a graphic design skillset who connects with clients or people in need of the service through various means. The individual is self-employed and usually scouts for graphic design projects or work online, offline, or both. They charge either per hour, day, or per project. If this looks like what is on your mind, then you can read this part. 

A freelance graphic design can either connect the prospects online, which may include online freelance platforms, social media, etc., or offline, which may involve the use of the business card printing, networking with friends, etc. Most freelance graphic designers make use of the two options together to enhance their business. 

Operating your graphic design business as a freelancer comes with a low operating cost. For instance, if you get your clients offline, you probably need a business card. If it is online, you may register on online platforms. Create a great profile. Some platforms are free, and some cost few bucks to get your profile up and running. Next, you get a laptop equipped with software that you are proficient with.  

Although, it may be a bit difficult when starting as a freelance graphic designer especially getting clients. Most people want to see previous jobs and ratings by previous clients, especially on freelance websites. Once you get a few jobs, make sure you deliver with all expertise that you have so that their excellent rating can open jobs for you. 

Large Design Studio  

This option of graphic design business involves setting up a standard business at a location. This will include the use of gadgets and several people working together. This option often offers more services because they tend to get professional for each area of the services, and the services may cost more. 

Sometimes, this may be a simple partnership among two or more individual graphic designers. They put resources together to work under one umbrella. The individual graphic designers may handle each area of expertise. They create policies and work according to the laws of the land. This graphic business option is capital intensive, but it offers more income than the freelance option if well managed.  

Now that you have known what the freelance graphic design business and the large design studio entails, I believe you are better equipped to make a choice. But suppose you don't have enough money to set up a large design studio. In that case, you may probably start with the freelance option or simply look for other graphic designers you can trust who are willing to invest to build a large design studio together.