You must be familiar with stickers, right? A sticker is one of the things you see most often on a product package. Whether it's products that are consumed such as food and beverages, or products that are used like your clothes. Stickers Singapore are usually used on the packaging and the price tag or label of the product. Why is that? This is of course in accordance with the function of the sticker which serves to show information. Furthermore, you will find interesting facts about stickers that you may not have heard of before. Curious? Read this short article to the end! 

1. World's Largest Sticker Collection 

You might already familiar with terms like the world's largest or tallest building, waterfall, rubrics, and so on. But what about stickers? Do you already know? World's largest collection is owned by Nidhi Bansal with more than 100,000 stickers, isn't that amazing? The collection was recorded on the Guinness world record in 2013. Are you also interested in collecting stickers? It might take some time though. 

2. The First Modern Sticker  

The modern sticker is a sticker that is attached through the adhesive side. Yes, the sticker that you are used to seeing and using. Label or sticker with peel-off on one part was first made by Avery from Oklahoma. He made it in 1935, probably when you weren't born yet. Later on, Avery made the biggest label company that derived from his name, Avery Company.