A sticker is a piece of materials (traditionally paper) with adhesive on its side. Sticker Singapore is a great way to promote your brand and product. But while it’s great for marketing promotion in Singapore, there are many other ways you can choose to utilize stickers. Here are some sticker ideas we have curated just for you: 

1. Use Sticker for Your Kid’s Activity 

Believe it or not, a sticker is a great way to boost your kid’s creativity! Study shows that children who engage in crafting are far more creative in solving the riddle and finding a shortcut to achieve anything. Plus, kids love stickers. You can use stickers to reward your kids and when they have collected a certain amount of stickers you give them another valuable reward. Stickers are also excellent to use as an education tool such as introducing your toddler to fruits, vegetables, etc. Get creative with the way you use a sticker for your kid’s activity! 

2. Use Sticker to Show Your Ownership 

Sometimes we lose our valuable items especially if the items are common. To tackle this issue, you can utilize stickers to show your ownership over your items. It’s as simple as customizing name stickers and put it on your belongings. People around you who know it’s your mark will no longer accidentally claim your items anymore. 

3. Use Sticker for Your Product Giveaway 

While more expensive items are often chosen as giveaway rewards, a sticker can provide a cheaper, simple, yet impactful impression on your brand. Customize your own brand’s sticker now or never!