Are you an expert when it comes to video animation,  3D modeling, and animation? If you are, there is a chance that you might be able to enter of graphic design agency as a motion graphic designer. Unlike what many people believe, being a motion graphic designer is not an excruciating job. It is a job that can be done for enjoyment, as long as you plan. If you would like to know the steps to get started in motion graphic design, you have come to the right place. We will give you some basic steps of planning in motion graphic design.

1. Plan Ahead

The first thing every motion graphic designer must do is, of course, to create a brief. The brief should be as detailed as possible so that other team members, such as the writer and the animator, can understand the brief easily.

The brief should also include a detailed plan regarding the project's schedule. Showing the proper plan gives the impression that you are serious regarding a project. so everything should be in detail, from the brief to the time management of the project.

2. Get Approval and Ask for Feedback

After you have made the brave, show the brief to the higher-ups so that they can give feedback. Show the brief to those who need to see it and give the sign of approval. It is important to get the seal of approval, and it is best not to start anything without it. After all, there might be some revisions needed in the brief based on the feedback given. Once you've gotten everybody's approval, it's time to start creating your motion graphic project.

3. Make the Script and Visual Storyboard

Now it's time to work on the project for real. The first thing that you should do is to create the script. The script is important, as it can help you get an overall idea of how the video is going to be. The script acts as a guide to show you the way, to show you how it's going to start and how it will end.

After you have the script, it's time to create the storyboard. The storyboard is pretty much the same as the script, except that it's more detailed, and now we have a visual guide.

That is right, when you have a storyboard, you will need the pictures depicting the description on the starboard. If you are working on a team, make sure that there is proper communication among the team members.  After all, it is the pivotal stage of the process.

4. Start Creating your Design

After the storyboard has been completed, now it's time to start to bring the storyboard and script into life.  Work with animators, cooperate with the 3D modelers, and make sure the project goes smoothly according to the timeframe that has been planned before.  once everything is done, look at the final work together and ask for feedback. Revise the project according to the feedback and viola! You have your motion graphic design project done.

Since this is the simpler version of the process, the real process is more detailed than what has been written above. The description above is just a way for you to have a gist of motion graphic design and graphic design agencies. Don't be scared to start your motion graphic design project. We know you will be able to do it, and your project might even get some graphic design agencies' attention.