For so many years, rubber stamps have existed and used for a lot of purposes and thus it is one of the most well known tools that is advantageous especially when it comes to office work.  

It is great for formal purposes, but it can also be used for non formal purposes as well, mainly for craft and decorations. 

If you are a businessman or entrepreneur that is climbing up the stairs of success and trying to expand your business, you are inevitably obliged to be able to create good links with other businesses and your clients. One of the ways you can do this is by keeping up with them with correspondence, which is very common.

Now in order to make yourself look proper and professional is by leaving a stamp of your company logo at the end of your letter along with the director's signature. Your letter can affirm its authenticity this way, and the people who receive it will be less wary of it having the possibility of being a fake letter. 

If you are thinking of creating a rubber stamp of your own for your business, then you should know about these important things to consider. 

1. The Shape of the Stamp 

As you may have already known, there are many different types of stamps that you can choose. In the past, it was limited to more rigid shapes of rectangle or round, but these days, you can almost create stamps in any shape. As long as it is proper and appropriate, you can go for it. Ideally, the shape of your stamp should go along with the shape of your company logo along with its details. But for a less formal uses, you can really be creative with it and choose any shape or design you want. 

2. Stamp Size 

Did you know that a stamp can be tiny and can be larger than the ones you are familiar with? You have to consider the right size of your stamp so that you can create a stamp that is best suited for you, a stamp that is most convenient for your uses.  

3. Stamp Ink 

The most common ink colors for rubber stamps are blue, purple, black, and red. They may seem not very important, but you need to understand that the calmer colors (black, blue, and purple) give off different impression compared to the red one. If you are using your stamp for a design that declines/rejects/deny/other negative words, you may have to consider choosing a red color to exude the right impression. 

4. Manufacture 

You have to choose a good place for the manufacture of your pre inked rubber stamp. Don't go for a cheap place just to save up money. It's good to invest in a good quality stamp so that you can get a durable tool that lasts for a long time. A reputable manufacturer can also offer you many options that help you suit the quality you get with the budget you have.