Gloss Finish vs Matte Finish: Which One is Better for Stickers?


Adding a finish to your stickers and labels is a great decision. Among the list of finishes, you probably want to consider adding a gloss or matte finish, as these are some of the simplest ones yet they are capable of giving a great impact on the looks of your stickers in Singapore. But before you choose to add either matte or gloss finish to your sticker, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.


1. Gloss Stickers

Adding a gloss finish to the sticker or label is very popular. To make a gloss sticker in Singapore, the manufacturer will have to add a special coating that can create a smooth and sparkly finish. At the same time, this also adds a protective layer that makes the sticker more durable. As the material is protected by the layer, it is also shielded from possible damages such as moisture. Although, you must know that it is not entirely waterproof. Splash-proof is more appropriate to describe the durability of a gloss sticker. With a gloss label, you can get an attractive finish and make your stickers look more professional.


2. Matte Stickers

Adding a matte finish is considered not as decorative as a gloss finish, but it does not mean that it is a bad option. Matte stickers have an uncoated and rougher surface compared to glossy stickers and they cannot be used outdoors because they cannot withstand outdoor conditions. However, by making it matte, that means the surface is not reflective, and it is often easier to read by humans as well as machines. Sometimes, glossy stickers are difficult to scan. So if you want to add barcode or QR codes on your stickers, it is better to go with a matte finish.


Choosing Between Glossy or Matte

Each of the sticker finish has its own advantages and disadvantages like you have already read. That means none is better than the others. When choosing between gloss or matte finish for your sticker, you have to first determine the purpose of the sticker. After all, glossy is better for decoration as it looks more attractive. On the other hand, matte finish is the best choice if you are printing labels for packaging and others because it eases the process of scanning codes.

If you are not sure which one is the better choice for you, then you can ask the printing service for their opinion. After all, they are experienced and more knowledgeable in the art of making stickers.

So, it is also an important tip for making stickers that you collaborate with or use the service of a reputable and professional printing service. Printing services like this can properly help you with your manufacturing process and assist you to get the best outcome possible. Of course, they tend to offer you the best prices as well while ensuring a great quality product.

They might cost a bit more than regular or standard quality printing services, but you will surely be able to get stickers that stand out.