A well-designed and attractive name card can draw the attention of prospects and recipients of the card. This can help you to network more efficiently. 

An effective name card needs more than just your contact details and your name. 

There are many ways to effectively use your name card with the design and the information and how you put it on it to make the card stand out. 

For an attractive yet effective name card, there are some simple yet golden rules to follow. This makes your name card represent you or your brand efficiently and as well attract those potential clients you hope it will. 

1. Include Only What is the Most Important;  

You should only have the most important details on your name card. Your personal name card printing should provide your recipients with everything on how and where to contact you. For instance, your phone numbers, your e-mail address and your website address. All these are important basic information that will help your recipient contact you easily. 

More so, the information you add to your name card should pique the interest of the recipients of your card. 

2. Use Personality Reflecting Template;  

A design that reflects your brand's personality is because your name card says a lot about you. Whatever it is you do, to have an effective name card printing, reflect it with that best reflect it.