3. Use Legible Fonts; 

There are various exciting and interesting fonts, but as much as you want your name card to be funky and fun, you should also make sure your recipients can read your name card at first 

glance. Your fonts should not 

be too small or too fancy, or this gets it a distorted and hard read. Simple does better; that's the word you should put in mind in putting the text together. It should also be straightforward. 

4. Leave Some White Space; 

This is important as you don't want your name card clustered with too many texts and elements. This will compete for your recipient's attention and leave nothing standing. The fewer the elements, the more impact each element is likely to make. 

5. Something Special Finish With; 

It would be best if you considered selecting a finish for your name card, but it must be relevant to your brand and personality. You don't want to leave your card to be plain and lacking any form of creativity, and this can make it less attractive. 

You can consider options such as using rounded corners, unusual sizes, embossing, foil accents, or having holes punched through. These are some creative ways to have your name card. 

6. Use Professional Printers; 

For the best quality printing of your name card, get it done by 

professionals. You don't want to have a simple name card printing that looks cheap and second-rate. Remember, you're trying to make an impact with your name card. The more professional it looks, the better the impression. 

Name cards can make that good or bad impression on your recipient. With these rules, you can make that good impression you intend.