Good Things You Can Get From Using a Company Stamp in Singapore


In Singapore, a company stamp is no longer a must.  Because it is no longer mandatory, many people end up not using it. However, this is rather a missed opportunity. 


If you are a corporation owner, you should seriously consider having a company stamp. Perhaps you wonder why. After all, it is no longer a requirement.


Well, read this article further to know the reasons as well as advantages of having a company stamp.


1. Waste less time with company stamp

As a business owner or a company director, a company seal may help you to reduce the time it takes to perform a task or a job. For example, if you are a corporate decision-maker, you usually would be required to sign papers on a regular basis. This job can become very repetitive and exhausting.


A company stamp is an acceptable substitution for your signature that can be used to sign papers or contracts. With this, you no longer have to redo signing manually again and again. 


You will perform much more efficiently and with less time with a company stamp, increasing the work productivity as well. At the end of the day, you will be able to accomplish more with less effort.


2. Ensure company credibility

The use of the company stamp will make a company or business look more legitimate, respectable, and trustworthy. You will improve partnerships and develop stronger trust with your company's vital connections and affiliations as a result of this, allowing you to expand your company easily as time goes by.


3. Increases brand awareness

A company stamp can help improve brand awareness in addition to serving as an important business tool. Not only that, but a company stamp will help endorse the business and familiarize prospective buyers with the brand.


As a result, it is critical to creating a company stamp that makes the right impact. One of the ways to do this is to use a reliable manufacturing service to help you produce your business stamp. However, you must first be able to create a nice stamp design as well as a company logo in order for it to appear more attractive.


You may be wondering who is allowed to use a company stamp.

Also, there is usually the question of whether or not a company stamp would be accepted outside of its origin country. Do not worry as everything will be answered here.


1. Who is allowed to use a company stamp?

A business stamp should be used by a company owner or a company decision-maker. The company director may also grant authorization or approval for someone else, such as the secretary, to use the company stamp, particularly in an emergency or urgent circumstances.

For instance, when a document has to be signed when the company director is not present in the office at that moment.


2. Use of a company stamp outside of origin country

A company stamp is valid for use outside of its originating country, particularly for legal and business purposes, if it contains all of the required elements for a registered company stamp, such as the company logo, name, and registration number. In the event that the company owner is unable to use it abroad, the authority to use will be granted to a company delegate.