Everywhere you go, you will always see moving advertisements, be it in the form of a digital LED or the form of a television attached to a certain public area. Moving advertisements, such as TV advertisements, it's a part of motion graphic design. Believe it or not, they are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. Perhaps they will be dominating the world later on in the future. Seeing its importance, it is best for us as graphic design agencies to know what a motion graphic designer is. Here we will talk about the basic information of motion graphic design.

What is Motion Graphic Design?

Ask the name states, motion graphic design is the desire that is related to a moving object.  The moving object can be anything, from typography to  Animation.  as long as it is moving, it is called motion graphic design.

How is the Motion used in Advertising and Marketing?

Motion graphic design is commonly used in LED and television. The most common example of motion design is advertisements we see all the television. You would also see them on LEDs outside in public places, such as the LED at the crossroad.

Skills Every Motion Graphic Designer Should Know

Since motion graphic design is related to anything that is moving, graphic design agencies need to hire employees that have the skills needed to create the perfect motion graphic. At least the process should be able to cover the necessities for things related to animation. Here are some skills that are relevant to motion graphic design.

3-D Modeling

It is not that 2D and the manual sketch is no longer needed in graphic animation. However, 3D model modeling is becoming more and more common in the said world. There is a reason why 3D graphics are always on the trend every year; it will become something that will dominate the future of motion graphics.

Animation Perspective

Dance motion graphic design is related to moving objects, the graphic designer will need to have a good understanding of the animation perspective. He will need to understand things related to moving objects and Camera angle for the animation.

This point leads to the next point, which is ...

Procedural Animation

Procedural animation is the process of using computer animation to create a more complex state 3D object. Creating a complex movement is an incredibly intensive process, and procedural animation will make it simpler to create such things. Procedural animation combines many aspects, such as coding,  for a better movement in a shorter amount of time.


Creating movement is no easy feat, and you will be expected to have lots of assets. You need to be able to organize things neatly. Being able to organize the assets properly will help you to design faster and more efficiently.


The most important skill is adaptability. Animation Style can be demanded to change, projects that line can move up in the schedule, priorities can change – these are some examples of things that might happen during the process of motion graphic design. Ask the designer, you are expected to be able to adapt to the sudden changes that happen.

 Are you ready to dive into the world of motion graphic design?