There are different kinds of topics existing in the world of graphic design. From branding, web marketing, and many more. Visual identity is one of those topics. In this article, we will discuss the topic while so that everybody, including graphic design agencies, can understand it better.

What is Visual Identity?

If you have worked in some graphic design agencies, you will notice that visual identity is one of the most “crowded” jobs asked by clients. It is not a surprise, considering visual identity offers everything a client needs. Visual identity is the concept where the visual of the brand can show the brand’s vision and mission. If it sounds similar, it’s because it is similar to the concept of rebranding.

Since the visual identity aims to express the brand properly to the audience, those who are tasked with visual identity projects should be an expert in marketing and research.

Visual Identity and Brand Identity: Is It the Same?

Brand identity and visual identity might sound the same, but they are not. It is not that they are the opposite of each other; it’s because visual identity is part of brand identity.  visual identity is the visual aspect of brand identity. Meanwhile, brand identity covers pretty much everything related to branding, even if it's not related to visuals at all. From the marketing to the creation of the product and the final result, everything is under brand identity.

Parts of Visual Identity

Just like any other part of graphic design services, the visual identity is made up of several parts. Graphic design agencies need to know these parts. the parts of facial identity are:


As the name implies, typography is the part of visual identity that is related to the font.  Everything about the font is covered in typography, from the size of the font to the type of font that will be used.

 typography might seem like something minor, but they play a very big part when it comes to visuals. After all, they can tell the story of the brand based on the type of font used. If the font is formal, then we can assume that it is a formal business such as Banks or the government.  If the font is casual, then we can assume that it is a business related to the creative industry. Since typography is important, graphic designers should pay attention to it.


Graphics are the images and icons used for the visual. Just like typography, the graphics used can send a message to the audience. and since it is as important as typography,  designers should ensure that they use the best graphics for the project's visual.


Believe It or Not, colors can trigger a certain emotion in a person. That’s why brands use colors carefully as they can imply the type of business the brand is. For example, blue represents security, and that's why banks use it.  Brad can make some people go hungry, so don't be surprised if fast-food chains use red.

A visual identity is a powerful tool that can tell the story of the brand.  As long as the graphic design agencies take visual identity into serious consideration, they can create a powerful story that can touch the audience’s heart.