Creating a perfect logo is, indeed, challenging. Many things that have to be considered when it comes to logo design and making. However, one thing needs to be taken into account: the logo must be personal. It relates to the brand's identity. It relates to how people see the brand. That's why graphic design agencies must create a perfect nuance for people who see your brand. Worry not, there are 5 simple ways of creating a perfect logo you can try.

1. Get to Know About the Brand

What kind of product or service that they offered? Make sure that this question pop-up first in mind. By knowing the purpose of the brand, the designers can decide the theme, style, and color tones that are perfect for the logo. For example, a company that sells kids' toys will not use bold font and boring color because it doesn’t reflect the brand. Choosing the wrong theme and color will affect the brand image, badly. Therefore knowing the brand should be taken seriously.

2. Research, Research, Research

Doing research is necessary. It helps the designer to find more inspirations for the logo making. It can be knowing the target market, looking at how the competitors in the same market reflect their brand in their logos, what Pantone's are suitable for certain markets, and so on. From doing research thoroughly, designers can decide what to apply to the logo and be distinctive from the competitors.

3. Where Will It Be Used?

This deals with the perfect layout and dimension of the logo. It is actually okay to have a different layout so it will be flexible to put the logo in different places such as banner, sticker, merchandise, and so on. However, it will be perfect if the designers make the logo flexible to be placed anywhere. Just make sure that the logo is readable enough.

4. Start Creating the Logo!

After taking some time to finish the 3-step above, now it’s time to craft the materials into a logo that is memorable, timeless, dynamic, and communicative. Remember big companies like McDonald's, Apple, and Tesla. Those are the examples of logos that are perfect. Try to see every aspect and pour the idea into any media. Designers can choose any way that works to create the early design. Build the mood board, draw the logo manually or digitally first and then transfer it to the app that the designer desired. 

5. Do Revisions

It is normal to have revisions here and there. To make a perfect logo needs endless patience. However, designers need to handle it like a pro. Don’t forget to create boundaries, track the revisions, be firm when it needs, communicate everything with the client. In this way, designers don’t need to spend their time doing unlimited and looping revisions in making a perfect logo.

Making a perfect logo is challenging, of course. But with the help of getting to know the brand, research and decide the suitable design and layout will give special satisfaction when the art is done. So let’s make one!