Graphic design is essential in many things such as in creating promotional posters to product mock-ups. But in creating a design, especially if you are a beginner, there are a few things that need more attention. Why? Because those things are a few common mistakes that people usually make in graphic designing. By knowing them, you can avoid to do the same mistake and create your design more optimally! Here are a few of them!  

1. Wrong Format When Saving Design! 

The first-timers often confused about the file format, then ended up with the wrong format for their design file. Actually, there are two major types of image, raster images and vector graphics. A raster image is a type of image formed of building blocks. You must be familiar with JPEG, PNG, and GIF, right? These are all the most common types of raster images. But how about vector graphics? A vector graphic is one of the main types of images made up of geometric lines and curves. Types of vector graphic images include PDF, PSD, and AI. To find out more about the file format, here are some quick details!  

  • AI is a type of file created by Adobe Illustrator which is usually used to create illustrations, logos, and many more. 
  • PDF is a vector file that combines elements of a printed document as an image. 
  • JPEG or JPG is usually used for photographs on the web. Also, it is ideal for those who want to have small files but not pixilated.  
  • PNG can have a transparent background. That is why it is perfect for saving logos as its transparency can allow them to be placed over coloured backgrounds. 
  • GIF is ideal for simple web graphics that use a few solid colours. 

2. Forgetting to Proofread 

Another common mistake you should avoid in creating a design is to assume that wrong punctuation, poor grammar, and typos are not a big problem. As a result, some people forget how important it is to proofread the work before finishing it. They may think people won't notice a small problem, but unfortunately, people do that. So, you should not forget to proofread and fix any proofreading errors in your works.   

3. Using Too Many Colours 

Colourful designs are great, but if you choose too many colours with bad combinations, then the result would be different. It can look cluttered, informal, and confuse the audience especially if you choose to use too many bright colours. So, to avoid that, you can choose only a few colours, add neutral colours, and balance the contrast.   

4. Using Many Fonts Is Not a Good Idea! 

You can add some words to your design. But, be careful about using too many kinds of fonts on it. But why? Too many fonts in your design can make the message difficult to read. Also, that is not an effective way to deliver the message. Because of that, it's better to use a maximum of two types of fonts to make the information on your design legible and make the audience comfortable reading the information in your work.