Many people love anime and comic books! Tons of fans love to spend their time reading them every day, and even some of them may be interested in making their own. But do you believe you have the skills and creativity to create one from scratch? Then you probably should keep reading to get started! 

1. Brainstorming! 

First step may not be easy, and a lot of thinking must be done until you get something you really like. It requires patience because many ideas would probably look good, but you should focus on only one and how would you develop it throughout the whole comic book. Pick an idea you are passionate about as you might have to spend many hours designing the storyline and the characters. Take notes of everything! Sometimes an idea does not work on a project, but you never know if it could be useful in the future. 

2. Make Decisions

After the brainstorming process, you probably have too many ideas on your mind. Now it is time to choose which ones you would like to use. Consider all the elements you may need to develop a story properly such as the setting, the theme, the plot, the tone and, of course, the characters. Everything must be planned beforehand.