3. Research, Research, Research 

Even though you have a vast collection of comic books, this process is essential to create your own comic book. Being a beginner, you may want to look for inspiration on more experienced comic book writers and illustrators before you find out which is your own personal style. See how they build tension in their stories, discover which are the techniques and tools they use. Pay careful attention to the details in their designs, their first drafts. Pick up whatever you think might be helpful to apply to your own work! 

4. Be Consistent! 

Now it is time to get wild and be creative. Start drawing, start sketching. Many of your first sketches may look basic but that is just because you are only getting started, so do not worry! Try to be consistent on your style and keeping it the same throughout the whole comic and, of course, do not copy someone else’s style. Do not forget about visual continuity and remember to keep experimenting with new things to see how your drawings evolve throughout the comic series. Remember about the inking, coloring, and lettering process too!  

5. Let Everybody See Your Work! 

Once you have completed every step, then it is ready to choose the format you would like for it to be printed. This is very important for the reading experience hence you should select a classic format which will be easier for everyone to read. Share it with your friends and family first, and do not be afraid to share it on your social media too! You could even host an online comic book launch event for your work to reach to more and more people.