Great motion graphics can communicate a message well through a captivating video. Creating such motion graphics requires the designers to be not only skillful and creative but also to know how to organize an efficient workflow. 

Without an efficient workflow, designers can't work effectively which may lead them to be stuck in doing certain designing stages, such as losing idea's details they may come up with while deciding what they have to do next. 

If you have the same problem, don't worry, it is also a problem other designers may face. So, here is a guide in creating motion graphics videos. Let's get started! 

A Simple Guide in Creating Motion Graphics Videos 

1. Make A Script 

A motion graphics script is a fundamental element that needs to be prepared. The first step to create a script is doing a brainstorming, then writing the ideas that come up. Make sure to write a script that tells a story. 

There are several points you must think of to make a script of motion graphic video: 

Who is the target audience? 

How do you want to make them feel? 

What do you want them to do? 

2. Draw A Storyboard 

After you are ready with the script, you can start to draw the storyboard. A storyboard is meant to illustrate what you have written on the script. Every frame of it should be able to represent each scene in the script. 

Make sure to create a clear illustration so it can properly show how the real motion graphics will be like. That is why creating a storyboard needs a designer to have a good skill of drawing. 

3. Start to Design 

The next step to a motion graphics video is applying what you have drawn on the storyboard to the design software. This designing stage is where you can decide what style and color may be suitable for the video's concept.  

You can also add more details to the graphics. It often happens - a great idea suddenly comes up while creating the video design.  

  4. Do The Animation 

When you have finished the final design, then it is time to animate them. There are 4 important elements of motion graphics video: 

- Style 

The style used in the video must be suitable with the value you want to tell in the video, including the transition. 

- Timing 

Consider the timing of the video. Making a fast pace video is fine, as long as it can deliver the message well. However, making a slower-paced video may make the viewer lose interest in it. 

- Sound Effect 

Sound effects for every motion can make your video look more real, but you need to make sure that the effect won't distract the main value of the video. 

- Music 

Music has a huge impact in giving emotions into the video. Choosing the right music can affect how the video message reaches and influences the viewers. 

Creating motion graphics videos is indeed challenging and requires the designers to be artistic, creative, and well-organized at the same time. Hopefully, this simple guide can help you.