Commercial Font Licenses 

Many desktop licenses lets you make the work of a client with the font. You have to get a commercial license and one for your clients too. 

Web Font Licenses 

When you use a font inside a website text, you have to embedd the code of the side to enable it display properly on the screen of the end user. Fonts can be on a server and can be given out with each page view. It means you need a different license when you apply a font for web design. Webfont licenses function with a per view basis. Good Type Foundry charges you €450 for Good Sans when you get view below 150000 for each month. The licence price increases to €2600 if the website gets up 1 million page views. You may have to embed a code to a site so the foundry can handle the traffic. The rest of the web font licenses don't have traffic restrictions, but they are domain limits and time. 

Adobe Fonts Licenses 

Creative Cloud package has an excellent font source, with licensing arrangements taking place. Adobe Fonts have more than 1800 fonts and offers you desktop licenses. When you begin a new project, you can simply start, browse and login.  

Server Font/ePub and App License 

Server font are applicable for demand applications. Let users select fonts on a mug, T-shirt and card that gets shipped and printed, the font licensing conditions gets different. You will need an app font license to embedded the font in application. The same thing applies on ePub fonts. 

Unlimited Font Licenses 

If you have a client that is a large organisation, using an unlimited license can be the best option. This will offer them the right to apply the font on various computers and for offline use too. Unlimited licenses costs more than £10000. 

Free Font/ Exclusive Fonts 

Certain free font licenses lets you use them for your design work and pitches. A lot of fonts are available as open source like Google Fonts. Exclusive fonts licenses makes your client the only one that wants to use it.