Every day, we digest written words across various media: newspaper, magazine, brochures, website, and even social media posts. Those words influence us in one way or another. They convey ideas and evoke our emotion. 

While we are aware of the power of words, we often forgot how they are presented. Without us knowing it, the typography or the way they are presented can set the whole mood and the tone of the written texts. Certain typography can give us a sense of urgency or a sense of comfort. It completes the texts and elevate them to another level of reading experience. Hence, choosing the right typography is essential for presenting ideas in written texts throughout various media, including a blog post. 

In this article, we will show you everything—well, almost everything! —you need to know about blog typography. Fasten your seatbelt and ride along with us! 

All About Fonts 

We all know that font is vital in digital ecosystem. Font can make or break your brand in your blog. The right font will strengthen and complement your brand while the wrong one can drive your audience away. 

Generally, there are 4 different types of fonts that you can consider: serif font, sans serif font, condensed font, and script-based font. Each of the font embodies unique attribute and ‘vibe’ to them. 

  1. Serif font: traditional, trustworthy, confidence 
  2. Sans serif font: simple, modern, futuristic 
  3. Condensed font: masculine, bold, stable 
  4. Script-based font: feminine, beauty, elegance 

Of course, you can pair the font types according to your own preference. But make sure you don’t pair more than two types of family font, otherwise it will make your blog look messy and hard to read. Most bloggers will pair serif with sans serif font.