It is of common knowledge that digital marketing has been gaining relevance online in the last few years. Everybody wants to be known online and they need someone who is familiar with social media in order to develop a strategy. A digital marketing agency that is looking to hire a community manager may want a professional that combines communication skills with experience on social media, but what else do you need to become the best CM ever? 

1. Get to know the Fiield.  

This may sound basic, but you cannot start planning before having a rough idea on what it is needed. Start by getting to know what involves a marketing strategy, know more about sales techniques and how social media management works. Remember that a community manager is the person responsible for handling communications and, in order not to give the wrong message, they might have to do tons of research on everything that involves the brand in advance to later start working on the content creation. A digital marketing agency will probably want you to take your time during the process to not fail during the creative process later.  

2. Practice Makes Perfect! 

If you are only starting, then you will probably have a lot of things to do beforehand. Working with digital marketing involves knowledge on tools which will be helpful throughout the whole campaign. You may have to be part of the project by maintaining active social media accounts and to interact with the brand’s potential clients, so get used to the tools which will be useful to do these tasks. Keep in mind that a community manager is the face of the brand and their image online is important, so think outside the box while developing email marketing campaigns or on what the up-and-coming event may include.

Even though a CM may not fulfil the role of a graphic designer or a developer, it is better that they have some type of understanding on Photoshop or Canva just in case. Other tools that will probably help you to analyze the clients that are roaming online on the brand’s social media are Google Analytics or Facebook Blueprint.  

3. Do Not Forget About the Brand’s Values! 

Throughout the whole process, whether is the creation of new content or answering directly to the clients’ audience, you must remember which are the values of the brand and to communicate them in the best way possible. Being a CM is not only about a successful campaign but also about initiating a relationship with customers, listen to they have to say because they want to be heard.

A brand that stops and listens to the client’s request it is more likely to create an impact online. Use your communications skills to transmit the brand’s message in a clear and effective manner, focusing on the identity and values but never leaving the business development goals out of sight. Building a relationship through social media is a must!