Name cards can be designed to serve different purpose. Business cards are the most common. Today, celebrations like birthdays and baby showers are a common thing. That is why people have decided to take things to another level. There are things everyone expects when hosting or attending a birthday party.

One of them is a birthday cake. Well, today, a name card has been included in that list. The host expects a message of happy birthday wishes from his/her guests and this name card is the best way to do it. Below are ways you could design a happy birthday name card. 

Get a Design App 

There are many name card apps available online today. To spice things up; most of these apps are free and user friendly. A design app will mostly come with free and purchase templates. It is up to you to choose which one to work with. 

In most cases, the purchased templates are unique and with extra features. That is why they offer better in terms of messages and special happy birthday messages. You do not want to send a cliché message to your host when going for a birthday party. 

Compose a Message From Your Heart 

Sometimes, it may be a hard task to create a happy birthday wish message. The best thing to do this is to think about the good times you had with the birthday girl/boy and come up with a hearty message. Appreciate him/her for coming to your life and try to personalize your message as much as possible. This will make your birthday name card stand out. 

Another thing to avoid when coming up with a happy birthday name card message is avoid copying other people’s messages. The recipient will not really appreciate the message once they realize your message is an improvised version of someone else’s message. 

Use the Right Material And Size for Printing 

Happy birthday name cards are special appreciation cards. That is why they have to be unique and striking. You should also use the right color for a great first impression. The length of message on your card will advise the size of material to be used. The more the message the bigger the name card should be. 

When it comes to happy birthday name cards, there are no limitations to sizes. The goal is to make the birthday girl/boy feel special and appreciated. That is why you should write as much as you can. In the end, the right sized card and material will blend well with the birthday message you’re sending to the host. 


As birthdays continue to be more and more popular, happy birthday name card usage continues to rise. As this happens, making unique ones becomes a challenge as the practice is becoming more common by day. To make the best name card, you need the best app and templates to start you off with the design. Then, you should come up with a personalized message and finally find a good print material for production of the cards.