Sticker is a unique and satisfying thing to apply. Do you know what a sticker is? Yes, that thing that sticks on the surface of anything around us. Well, mostly can find it in many products that have a label on them. The sticker has that one side of adhesive and pressure-sensitive so it is so easy to stick them in any flat or curved surface. Stickers are usually used on products with certain packaging which aims to indicate information. For example, on the maple syrup product, you would find it on the label that mentioned the brand name, ingredients, best before / expiry date, and other necessary information. Likewise, with the label on the clothes or clothes, you wore when you first bought them. On the clothing tag, there is a sticker that shows the size or price of the clothes. 

With so many stickers Singapore used daily, maybe you are wondering how to make one? Let me tell you something, it's easy peasy lemon squeezy. Make sure you read this short article to find out. 

First thing first, you need to make what sticker design you want. This design process is the initial stage that you need to do right. Because once you printed out the sticker but you just notice something is off, there's no going back, the sticker will just be thrown away and you must redesign it. Therefore, be clear with your graphic designer if you use one. With a graphic designer, you need details about what kind of design you want to make. Most of the time, they will design applications such as Adobe Illustrator.