3. Do you want to add a little more style to your namecard more than usual? Headshot gives you just that. Logos are cool, no doubt about that but headshots give you that edge.

More so, with a headshot, your popularity is bound to grow as much as your card is spread across. This is also a positive in that people can easily associate your face with what you do.

4. Logos help your recipient recognize your brand but much more with your face in headshot, and people tend to connect with you. 

Studies have proven that the more we associate with the image of a person, the more we connect with them and build some level of trust. 

5. A big downside to headshot is that it gets old. This is because of the natural growth that happens to our body, and as a result, periodic updates of the image may have to be done, unlike logos.

Logos can be used for a long time without considering an alteration to it.