On the internet every wall has ears, even if it's virtual. But don't worry, this shouldn't scare you because it's not another ghost or demon story. On the contrary, it represents a great opportunity to make your brand much more relevant and prosperous.  

Of course we are talking about social listening and today we are here to tell you why it should be your ears on every wall.   

Social listening is nothing more than a monitoring and research work that happens on social networks to determine what conversations are happening within your audience, what conversations are happening between your audience and your brand, what the competition is saying (about your brand or other topic) and all other ideas, products or topics related to your brand’s universe.

This is not an invasion of privacy or an illegal process. It is a combination of cunning, creativity and the necessary technological tools to obtain valuable information. So, how do you do it?  

Quite simple. The first thing you could do is study the interactions that occur within the publications of your business, you can go a little further and evaluate the interactions of the competition or study some hashtags that are relevant.  

You can also rely on digital tools such as Mention, IFTTT and Hootsuite. These tools give you access to much more information in an automated way and with easy reports conveniently sorted.   

And Why do we do all this?  

Well, there are many possible benefits to implementing these strategies, here are a few in the hope that you decide to incorporate social listening into your campaigns and future planning.  

Gives You Insight About Your Target Group  

Social listening allows you to get to know your ideal audience a little better since it lets you know what they are interested in, from the topics and ideas to the most convenient formats to generate engagement.  

It also gives you information about the words your ideal audience uses and how your followers communicate. This can be applied to slightly adapt the tone of your brand and generate a greater resonance between your business and those who follow you on social media.  

Source of Inspiration to Create Content  

By knowing what clicks with your ideal audience, social listening gives you a window of opportunity to generate content tailored to your consumers (no more burn out when proposing grids, yeah!). It also allows you to identify which types of content work and which types don't, which ones generate more engagement and which ones are ignored.   

Gives You an Advantage Over Your Competition  

Keeping an eye on the development of your competitors' strategies and their acceptance will allow you to identify content gaps. These gaps can be filled by your brand and will guarantee you greater relevance over your competitors.  

It also gives you the opportunity to learn from others' mistakes and avoid potential pitfalls, all this to generate greater identification between your audience and your brand, create more quality interactions and maintain a good impression.  

It is important to make the distinction: observing the competition is not intended to imitate it, the goal is to learn from it to apply the new knowledge on the fly and not have to wait for a certain period of time to readjust your social media strategy.  

It lets you see possible positioning opportunities through hashtags or topics.  

By studying what is being said about your brand or the theme of your business, it is possible to identify hashtags where you can easily position your brand and exponentially increase the reach of your social networks to reach a wider group of people.  

Not all of these people will belong to your target group, but it will undoubtedly be beneficial for your business to have greater exposure.  

These are some of the advantages of maintaining an active social listening campaign. Remember that it is not an invasion of privacy, it is learning as you go and getting to know your audience to provide them with a tailored experience.