If you have an Android cell phone, then an excellent option is to download 4D Parallax Wallpaper-3D HD Live Wallpapers 4K. This application offers users multilayer parallax digital wallpaper and 4D wallpapers with a 3D depth effect. 

Its large selection of digital wallpaper includes categories of anime, sports, manga, art, superheroes with rain effects, shooting stars, and more.  

Another application that can give you a top-notch experience through its eye-catching digital wallpaper is 4K Wallpapers-Auto Wallpaper Changer. It is a free app with a wide variety of 4K digital wallpaper and good banner printing templates. 

The wallpapers can be used on both phones and tablets; additionally, it has the option to change the digital wallpaper automatically, so you can have one for every day. They have 22 categories in which you can find digital wallpaper of celebrities, animals, fantasy, airplanes, material designs, ocean, food, galaxy, ships, and much more. 

Digital Wallpaper 4K for High-Performance Mobile Phones 

To get a high-level experience, it is necessary the person has high-end equipment that allows you to enjoy your 4K digital wallpaper, without representing an ordeal, or compromising the performance of the mobile. 

In case you notice 4K digital wallpaper is static or slows down the operation of the device, it will be more than a sign of incompatibility, so it is recommended that users check before if their equipment is suitable to keep this type of wallpapers.