Today, advanced technology makes inject printers even more affordable! That is why people can afford it and keep it in their homes. But, even though now home printing is getting more and more familiar, it does not mean that printing services have lost their existence. Many people still prefer to go to a printing service instead of printing their document at home. 

But why do people go to a printing service? What is the difference between home and professional printing? 

Let's find out the answer below!  

Home Printing  

Nowadays, printing documents at home is a normal thing. But now, let's talk about what makes home printing different from professional printing services. So, here are a few of them! 

1. Security 

Several documents are private and sensitive! That is why minimizing security risk is essential for maintaining the confidentiality of documents. So, instead of printing sensitive documents at a printing service, it is better to print the documents independently at home or office to avoid unexpected things.  

2. You Can Print at Any Time 

By having a printer at home, you can print your documents at any time! So, if you want to print documents early in the morning when there is no printing shop open, you don't need to worry because you can print the document at home! his is another advantage of having a printer at home.  

3. Unfortunately, It Is Limited! 

Typically, home printers are used for printing kind of basic documents and photos with average sizes. But, if you want to print something larger like posters and decors, you cannot print them with your home printer. You need a larger printer that is usually used in the printing shop!    

Professional Printing 

So, after we talk about home printing, let's move on to the discussion about professional printing service. These days, you can easily find a number of online or local professional printing services. But what makes a professional printing shop is different compared to home printing? Here are a few answers!  

1. Help You Print Hundreds and Thousands of Papers  

Do you want to print hundreds or thousands of papers using a home or office printer? It may take a lot of energy and time to print lots of paper using home or office printers. Also, are you sure you can maintain quality if you print a lot of paper using a home or office printer? It will be very difficult! That is why, you need a professional printing service to help you print large quantities of papers, maintain the quality, save your time and also your energy! 

2. You Can Print a Variety of Documents! 

We discussed earlier that home printing may not be able to print large posters or decors. That is why you need to go to a printing service since they can print various document sizes on a variety of papers or materials. 

3. It Is More Cost-Effective for Those Who Rarely Print Documents!  

A printing shop is a great choice for those who are not often print their documents. Why? Because compared to buy a printer and ink that can expire within a few years, it is a more cost-effective option for you to go to a printing service if you rarely print your documents.