Generic name cards are no longer in use. Today's business cards must sell what you're offering and leave a lasting impression on viewers. Consider your business card concept as an opportunity to highlight your brand rather than an afterthought. 

Your name card design impresses prospective clients and makes them want to choose you over your competitors.

A well-designed name card gives people insight into your business style and leads them to believe that if you can design a fantastic name card, imagine what you can do with your clients.

It makes them feel safe in your hands. Every year brings a slew of new name card design trends, each of which sparks a slew of new ideas for future designs. 

Here are some eye-catching name card design styles for 2021 that are all set, ready, and making the rounds. These designs, or variations of them, are sure to please your clients: 

1. Tasteful and Understated Name Card 

The understated look is a sellout thanks to the appropriate and tasteful use of fonts, colors, and white space.

More businesses opt for a clean look to communicate important information such as name, phone number, email address, and website address while retaining a sleek image consistent with their brand personality. 

2. Name Cards with Die Cuts 

Millions of name cards are exchanged every day across the world, and the vast majority of them are lost in the stacks of cards in a desk drawer, never to be seen again.

Choosing a form for your business card that isn't the standard rectangle gives it a better chance of being found. You can add the logo's outline to the card design's edge or even make a die-cut for the company's initials to improve the logo's shape.

These add character to the design and help to make the business card, and thus the company, memorable.