3. Natural and Rustic Styles 

In 2020, vintage was the latest look. What began as a whimsical theme pattern for weddings and furniture has now found its way into graphics.

To reflect long-standing relationships, businesses are opting for a more rustic and natural theme for their business cards. 

4. Name Card with Interactivity 

Name cards used to be a one-way communication channel for company owners to share their contact information with potential customers. One of the business card design phenomena that have changed this is the use of digital design.

There will be several new designs in 2019 that will increase user interaction. If done correctly, such a depiction will make the company unforgettable for years to come. 

5. The Minimalist Style Name Card 

Minimalist style trends are gaining traction for name cards and other marketing resources like logos and email signatures.

The clean and straightforward interface allows users to concentrate on the essential details, such as your contact information, company information, and so on.

Minimalistic design settings often give you plenty of room to use simple, modern fonts in various ways.

Depending on the client's needs, the designer may add a single bright feature to add intrigue or keep the design simple.