What Is Hand Lettering? 

Hand lettering is an art form wherein letters are individually drawn, in the artist’s chosen style, to convey a visual message or feeling. Hand lettering employs the use of different strokes, designs, and letter-drawing styles to create unique artistic pieces with language at the center. 

Hand lettering is also about slowing down in our fast-paced world. It takes time and practice. 

You have to fully concentrate on your artwork and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The written word becomes a work of art, the writing itself becomes art. You can only achieve your own personal perfection with calm, patience, and focus. 

Since there are endless variations and styles, the search for your own style is also a form of self-discovery. The advantage? There is no right or wrong. Without firm rules, perfection lies in the eye of the beholder.

Hand lettering is suitable for everyone and anyone can learn it. And you don’t need to have fine penmanship! As is the case in many other fields, practice is the key to success. Line by line, you work your way to perfection. 

The Difference between Hand Lettering and Calligraphy 

Calligraphy, while also beautiful in its own right, differs drastically from hand drawn lettering. Calligraphy is concerned with replicating already-established fonts, whereas hand lettering artists have a bit more creative license within their work.

You might think of calligraphy more as penmanship and hand lettering as the art of drawing letters. If you are designing a wedding invitation card, you can use this method.