Rubber stamps involve the use of the ink. One way to make use of an rubber stamp efficiently is to coat the rubber stamp with ink. Under inking or over inking should be avoided when inking stamps. This post tells how to apply ink to a rubber stamp. 

Inking Stamp Larger Than the Ink Pad 

Place the stamp on a flat surface and tap it continuously on top of the stamp surface. Apply gentle pressure and not too much pressure to avoid uneven or inky images. 

Inking a Stamp Lesser in Size than Ink Pad 

You can ink smaller stamps by tapping it on an ink pad. Gentle and small taps are preferable, instead of pressing the stamp to the pad. This can lead to over inking of the stamp. 

Inking a Large Outline Stamp 

If there are many open areas in a design, do not get ink to them, since this can spoil the finished image of the stamp. You can clean the ink off from the open area with a cotton corner or bud. Do not add ink to those areas when starting. The most efficient way of inking is to pad and them tap it across the lines. If you angle the ink pad, it will guide the ink when inking. 

Using Multicolored Ink Pads 

Rainbow or multicolored ink pads give stamped images that are beautiful and its various colours offer gentle strips of various colours. Even though the process is the same, place the stamp carefully. It will help the ink not to run across each other, since that can spoil the ink pad. 

Using a Brayer 

A brayer is useful for inking large quantities of stamps in a fast way. Coat the brayer with ink and roll it over the image of the stamp upturned. Ensure that you spread the ink on the brayer evenly. 

Bad Effects of Incorrect Inking 

i) Inked recesses bring about unclear images. Take care not to bring the ink to the recesses, when using intricate designs. 

ii) Over inking leads to blobby images. Tap on the over inked stamp repeatedly on the scrap paper to clean it up. If the stamps have too much ink, especially the pigment ink, wash the stamp and begin again. 

iii) Uneven inks can lead images. There is need to have an inked stamp to make a stamp image with evenness. 

Some Measures for Inking Stamps 

Clean the rubber stamp well after using it for good crisp results all the time. 

Breath gently on an ink pad to get adequate moisture that revives the dried ink. 

Do this in a good light and then keep it. Ensure the stamp is covered. 

Avoid these stamping mistakes to acheive a efficient rubber stamp experience

Using the wrong stamp for a project: Get more of general stamps as a remedy for this. Digital stamps come with a lesser price, and you can add image collection to it. 

Wrong use of special stamps: Use simple stamps instead until you get used to using photorealistic stamps. 

Using a handwriting on a stamp: Attach print sentiments on the page. You can blend the sentiment into the coloured edges or inking. 

Making uneven blotchy images: Avoid stamping to result in a blotchy or uneven image, place the paper on top of the surface. The surface should be flat. Apply the ink evenly before stamping. Place the paper accordingly.