Digital print wallpapers are not only used in homes but are also used in hotels, restaurants, offices, and shops as a vibrant and aesthetic décor item. If you are trying to get a part- or full-time job r looking to make some extra cash, and you have taste in interior designing and decorating, then you can earn by becoming a wallpaper reseller. Digital wallpaper resellers earn money by retailing wallpapers to consumers and retailers.  

To Become a Print Wallpaper Reseller, You Need to Follow These Steps:  

 Pick a niche: first of all, pick a niche for your wallpaper reseller business, also known as specialization. It will help you target customers with specific taste and will make you stand out among other resellers. For example, you can select wallpapers made by famous designers as your niche, or you can specialize in wallpaper for children’s room or ecofriendly digital print wallpaper.  

 Get all the paperwork done: get your permit required to operate a retail business, get your resale permit, sales tax permit and certificates, which are mandatory in your area to operate a retail business. You can contact your local small business development centre and small business administration office to get your documents verified.  

An outlet for your reselling business: if you are going to open the wallpaper reselling business on a larger level with huge investment, then you can have at least one outlet to show wallpaper designs in a physical store. But a physical store is not necessary, especially if you are doing this business on a small scale or you live in a small city or town. You can have an e-commerce store or sell your wallpaper designs through an internet auction website.