Warehouse or storage room: if you start a wallpaper selling business on a small scale and don’t have a physical showroom, arrange a storage room to keep all the available material. And if your business is a large scale where you have a showroom but not big enough to keep all the samples and available design, you may also need a storage room r warehouse to keep wallpapers safe and sound. Make sure the storage area is dust-free, dark and free of moisture.  

Open wholesale accounts: when you are working as a reseller, try to open a wholesale account with wallpaper manufacturers. In this way, you can buy print wallpapers at a discount and profit by reselling them. You can get manufacturers and suppliers by browsing the internet and online business directories.  

Do client hunting: hunt professional clients such as interior designers, home builder and decorators as they are professionals and likely to buy in bulk at a time. Try offering them a discount, free samples or free shipping to attract them. They can help you a lot in growing and establishing your business.  

Marketing strategy: marketing is the key to every successful business. Try marketing your wallpaper reselling business by sending a sample press release to publications, post blogs related to interior design and specifically about the product you are selling. You can also market your business by developing a website with pictures of all your designs and wallpapers.