Rubber stamps are often used in industries and schools, but many people still love using them for personal amusement. A rubber stamp, for example, may be used to finish a report or to help decorate a scrapbook. Although some people make their rubber stamps, the majority choose to purchase them. By starting your own stamp-making company, you can meet local demand for rubber stamps. You can also sell online to broaden the consumer reach.  

In terms of sales, the rubber stamp manufacturing industry has a lot of promise. Furthermore, you can start a home-based company producing rubber stamps with a low initial investment. The manufacturing process is straightforward, and various varieties of rubber or polymer stamps are becoming increasingly common.  

The process used to create the stamps is simple and does not require any specialized knowledge. Furthermore, diverse technologies and equipment can be used to create various types of stamps. These are similar to regular rubber stamps, polymer stamps, pre-inked stamps, small pocket stamps, and so on.  

Making Rubber Stamps – Market Potential in Singapore: 

Rubber stamps are widely used as an official seal of a company or person in all departments, business houses, and private companies. Rubber stamps are also found in art projects and design purposes. So, in general, we can break rubber stamp making into two sections based on their intended use. There are two types of rubber stamps: office rubber stamps and art rubber stamps.  

People also use decorative stamps to decorate paper, make custom greeting cards, children's toys, and a variety of other items. These stamps are used on paper, greeting cards, invitation card printing , furniture, clothing, glassware, interior decoration, and various forms of crockery. These may be a single color or a combination of colors to make the impression more elegant, decorative, and appealing.