Making a Rubber Stamp for Business Registration:  

To begin producing rubber stamps on a small scale, you must first register your company. It is advised to register as a 'One Person Company.' If you are beginning a company with one or more partners, you will register as an LLP. A Trade License must be obtained from the relevant Municipal Authority. You may even file your small business as an SSI Unit. You must have a company current account and be registered for Singapore tax.  

Finance for a Rubber Stamp Manufacturing Company in Singapore: 

The initial cost of various methods of rubber stamp-producing processes varies. In general, the cost factor is determined by the cost of equipment and raw materials. A personalized project report is recommended before starting a company.  

It would also assist you in determining the production expense, the selling price, the gross margin, and the net profit. You should apply for a term loan and a working capital loan at any bank or financial institution near you.  

Machines for Making Rubber Stamps available in Singapore: 

On the market, there is a wide range of Stamp Making Machines. Since the machine is your primary investment in the rubber stamp manufacturing industry, you must exercise extreme caution when selecting the correct machine. Modern technology has simplified the stamp-making process. Rubber Stamps can now be produced correctly and easily using machines. These devices are costly, but their manufacturing costs are minimal, and they last longer. Modern computers are capable of producing some kind of impression or picture without difficulty. Stamps can also be made from photographs and small logo design.