Considering making your own wedding invitation card? It's understandable that you might feel worried or pressured especially if you are not familiar with designing.  

However, don't worry. In this era of technology, there are a lot of helpful tools that can assist you and make the process easy for even beginners. 

If you have no idea regarding what kind of wedding invitation to make, you can always try to find inspiration from the internet. But at the very least, remember these designing tips for outstanding wedding invitation card printing. 

Consider the Theme 

A wedding should be themed, and everything related to the wedding such as the souvenirs, decorations, and of course the wedding invitation card should have a cohesive look according to the theme that has been decided. Themed weddings are now very popular; many people try to be creative with it. There are many inspirations from books, movies, games, and other pop cultures. 

With a theme settled, you will have a much easier time designing your wedding invitation card because you already have an idea of the colors, font style, decorations, and other design elements that are suitable for the theme. It is a very good start for the process of your wedding invitation card designing and printing. 

Keep Your Design Simple and Clean 

Before you actually start the designing process, try to come up with a list of important information that your guests need. The most basic and crucial information to be present on a wedding invitation card is the date, time, location, and the host of the wedding. This information must not be obstructed by the other elements of the design. Make sure that you choose the right colors with contrasting fonts as well as proper layout arrangement to ensure the readability of the wedding invitation card. 

Use High Resolution Images 

Keep this in mind especially if you use an element of photography in your design. The resolution that must be kept for the wedding invitation card design is 300 dpi. This is very important to take note of. Try to print an early draft so that you can be sure of what elements need improvement before you print the actual number of wedding invitations. 

Make a Memorable Invitation 

A special day needs to be memorable. Make an invitation that is special and unique by being creative with your wedding invitation card shape, size, envelope, paper type, and special printing techniques such as spot gloss, metallic ink, white inks, and embossing. Even the slightest detail work that you put into the design of your wedding invitation card can make it look better and more memorable. 

Let the Professional Work On Your Wedding Invitation Card 

The only way you can get a high quality wedding invitation card  is by letting the professional printing service to process it. See what kind of paper and printing method they have to offer for you. You can either choose to find a printing service closest to you or an online printing service that offers shipping options, which is a lot more convenient and time saving.