4. Make the Image to be Blurry  

Putting text within another frame can make a picture stand out because it has a lot of color or contrast between light and dark parts.  

Select a shape that complements your wording and image. Then choose a box color that has enough contrast for the lettering to stand out. Consider using a transparent frame for a softer look that lets the picture shine through.  

5. Make Use of a Color Cast  

When using a color cast, choose a color with a lot of visual appeal. The trick is to strike a balance between keeping the overlay color clear enough for the picture to come through while not making the text difficult to interpret. 

6. Incorporate Text Into the Background  

One of the most effective tricks is positioning the text in the image's context rather than the foreground. When putting text, most backgrounds are easier to deal with, so you won't have much problem handling it. Backgrounds are often a single color and make text color easy to determine and even easier to read. The result is a natural-looking positioning that doesn't necessitate many tricks or changes to the key picture. This wraps up everything you need to know about how you can incorporate text into a design's background wallpaper.